Wall Repairing Ointment

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Everything you need for wall mending— all in one easy tool. The product creates a quick-drying patch. It dries hard enough to hold a nail or screw. And the mending will be virtually invisible, then giving you professional-looking results.

Our Wall Repairing Ointment helps you solve damages, stains, and nail holes on the wall in the easiest and simplest way. 

Wall Mending Agent completely dry time: the theoretical value of 4 hours (depending on the weather) effect

The effect after completely dry: white delicate scrub resistant

Outdoor use: weathering effect is very good, water will roll down naturally when splashed, not sucked in

Featured with the ready-mixed formula, the repair of cracks in concrete can be done in just 30 minutes.

It is self-leveling and dries white to match most existing concrete for both interior and exterior usage. 


  • Easy repairing of holes, cracks, and crevices 
  • Lightweight, ready-mixed, and quick-dry formula

  • Humanized spun rubber hose head for uniform control of output 
  • Paintable with latex or oil-based paints
  • Anti-crack & shrink 

  • Environment friendly & formaldehyde-free
  • Safe & reliable for household use


  • Net Weight: 250 ml


  • 1pc x Wall Repairing Ointment